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add to favorites 12-21-2016 Westinghouse Self Contained Mobile Substation Used

ONLINE AUCTION. Ends 1/16/17. To view full details, please go to and enter 1298-1395 in the QAL (Quick Asset Lookup) box located on the homepage.

City of Danville, VA Surplus Auction:

We have for sale a tandem axle Westinghouse self contained mobile substation. The trailer is 96" wide x 38' long, 13 ft high, 11.00 x 20" tires w/ 50% tread remaining, lights, 48" 5th wheel pin, a 7-wire plug and air trailer brakes. The last time a safety inspection was done is unknown.

The substation will reduce 66kv to 12.47kv. It was operational when removed from service approximately 3 years ago, but some maintenance will be required to return it to service.

Note: The ID tag is no longer attached to the frame, but a Westinghouse ID tag states the trailer weighs 38,580lbs with oil (all oil has been removed).

*All property is offered for sale on an AS-IS basis. The City of Danville Virginia makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to kind, character or quality of the vehicle, or its fitness for any use or purpose.

*Failure to inspect property shall not constitute grounds for a claim (full or partial refund) or for the withdrawal of a bid after closing of the auction.

*Buyer is responsible for pickup or shipping of this vehicle. If you wish to have it shipped using a service, we will gladly cooperate. You can locate shippers by doing a search for `auto shippers`.

*We cannot supply temporary tags for the vehicle. For temporary tag info, go to

add to favorites 12-01-2016 CT Analyzer New $8,000.00

Product Features
1.  5.7inch LCD screen display.
2.  Full functions, satisfy all kinds of CT(protection CT, measuring CT, TP) test requirements, such as excitation characteristic test, turn ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance, secondary burden, ratio error, angular difference and etc. Also it can be used to test excitation characteristic, turn ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance,ratio error, angular difference and etc all kinds of PT.
3.  More efficient to test CT, no need to use standard CT, primary current injection device, load case, voltage   regulation control and high current lead to verify the CT.
4.  Meets IEC60044-1, IEC60044-6 standards of all kinds of CT/PT.
5.  Accurately measure ratio error and angular error. Max. Ratio error ±0.05% is permitted. Max. Angular error ±2min if permitted. It can measure 0.2S class CT and turns ratio range is 1-35000.
6.  Auto test CT/PT parameters on knee point voltage/current, 5% and 10% deviation curve measurement,  Accuracy limit factor (ALF), safety factor (FS), second time constants (Ts), residual magnetism factor(Kr),  saturated and unsaturated inductance.
7.  Using variable frequency method to test VA curves and 10% error curve of CT/TP. Max. Output is 180V and 5A rms(15A peak value), but it can make CT test when keen point is up to 60kV.
8.  Easy to use. To test CT DC resistance, excitation and polarity only by one button. All CT tests adopt same     one connect method except load test.
9.  Storage 1000 groups data, data can be saved even power down. Equipped with micro printer to print test result after testing completed.
10. Test results can be download by USB disk.
11.  Small size, weight is no more than 10kg, suitable for on-site use.

add to favorites 08-17-2016 1000 KVA Transformers New

ONLINE AUCTION- Ends 8/24/16. To see full details for this item please go to and enter QAL #1138-382 in the Quick Asset Lookup QAL box located on the home page. 

Two (2) each 1000 kVA Pad Mount Transformers 240/120 3 Phase ; 275-201-65000 


add to favorites 07-10-2016 Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 7000 New $45,000.00

 Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 7000 Air-Cooled Drive Unit & Components - 


Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 7000 Power Supply Components: Air-Cooled Drive Unit & Components contained in 10 cabinets on pallets weighing approximately 35,000 lbs. total weight
New components that have never been used and are in excellent condition.
Description Details:
Capabilities Across a Broad Range of Applications
The PowerFlex 7000 drive is a flexible, easy-to-use solution designed to meet diverse application requirements across a wide spectrum of heavy industrial settings.
Controls speed, torque and direction of induction or synchronous AC motors, normal duty or heavy duty.
Broad power range: 150 kW to 25,400 kW (200 Hp to 34,000 Hp)
Achieves near unity power factor throughout the typical operating speed range for variable torque loads
Virtually perfect sinusoidal current and voltage waveforms allow use of standard motors
Accommodates motor cable lengths up to 15 km
EtherNet/IP™ communication interface. Optional interfaces for a variety of network protocols
Drive control: Sensorless vector control or full vector control with tachometer feedback (optional)
Flexible input configurations: Direct-to-Drive (transformerless), Active Front End (AFE) rectifier or 18-pulse rectifier
Patented PowerCage™ allows SGCT replacement in less than ten minutes
Achieve requirements for Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL 3) and Performance Level e (PL e) with TÜV Certified Safe Torque Off Premier Integration into the Logix control platform with Studio 5000 Logix Designer™ software reduces development and integration time Robust Design -- PowerFlex 7000 higher power drive structures are designed to help contain and redirect energy in the event of an incident with enhanced enclosures and fault containment. Help reduce downtime with built-in diagnostic and detection features that monitor the health of drive components. Synchronous bypass and transfer to control multiple motor systems • Local and remotely mounted HMI options.Remote Virtual Support Engineer™ service available
1.  Two-High, Full Voltage Non-Reversing Starters:
2.  Two-High, Full-Voltage transformer Feeder Unit:
3.  Empty/Auxiliary Unit:
4.  Two-High, Full-Voltage Non-Reversing Starter:
5.  Miscellaneous/Empty Unit:
1-High VFD Input Contactor units:
6.  Medium Voltage, Air Cooled, Variable Frequency AC Drive Unit:

Please call us with any questions or if you have an interest and would like additional photos of the equipment .                                                                                                                                                   ALL OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED        Office:1-888-322-9609 Cell:1-208-651-3736

add to favorites 07-10-2016 New General Electric Rectifier Bay model ... New $3,500.00

New General Electric Rectifier Bay model GPS-4848/100
Catalog Number ED83142-30 G24. 
GPS 4848/100
Overview The Galaxy Power System (GPS) 4848/100 provides -48 volt telecommunications powering solutions in worldwide markets. The GPS 4848/100 combines 220 and 200-ampere, fan-cooled, switchmode rectifiers, microprocessor control technologies, battery and load disconnect/reconnect options, and a comprehensive line of fuse and circuit breaker dc distribution options in a modular front-access design. This modularity ensures easy access, simplified installation and maintenance, and allows the system to expand in capacity and features as power needs grow.
With 14,080-ampere maximum capacity, distribution flexibility, and universal ac input capability, the GPS 4848/100 supports switching, transmission, and wireless applications in central office locations and environmentally controlled remote sites (huts or vaults). For centralized architecture, bus bars are available to 14,080A.


add to favorites 06-29-2016 Generator Transfer Switch / Service Disconnect ... Used $1,000.00

ONLINE AUCTION- Ends 8/17/16. To see full details for this item please go to and enter QAL #4515-13 in the Quick Asset Lookup QAL box located on the home page. 

GO#: SB0282664, 3 phase 480 volt 1200 amp manual transfer switch and service disconnect unit manufactured by Eaton Corp. Suitable only for use as service Equipment. Rated at 65KA Amps @ 600 volts. The unit has two breakers rated at 1200 amps with a lockout system for use as manual transfer switch. It is in very good condition. This would be a good safe way to add a generator connection to a new or existing electrical service. 



add to favorites 05-24-2016 electrical supplies New
No Picture

We have 22,000 sqft of electrical supplies and lighting fixtures and parts.

I will get some photos up very soon.

Hard to find breakers, panels, fittings, lugs, ballast, lighting fixtures, pipe, light bulbs, pull boxes and much more.

Call Rob 908-756-4181 mon-fri 8:30 till 4:30 pm


add to favorites 03-24-2016 EMERGENCY POWER SYSTEM Used

Emergency Power System: Includes 2 transformers, automatic transfer switch, generator, day tank controller for generator, 500 gallon fuel tank and 2, 000 gallon fuel tank. 

IMPORTANT: The buyer must be prepared to remove the power system any time between April 11th thru the 18th (2016) and will be contacted when the power system is ready for pickup. 

The contractor will unhook all equipment and drain the tanks. The buyer will need to provide all equipment and manpower. This may include the use of a crane. The correctional facility cannot provide any equipment and manpower. 

This equipment was still in operating condition when unhooked but we are listing it as condition unknown. We cannot guarantee that all parts will be included. 

1. Step down transformer rated at 12.47 kV, 300 kVA, 3ø primary, 208/120 V, 3ø secondary. Estimated to be manufactured in 1998. 
2. Step up transformer rated at 208/120 V, 300 kVA, 3ø primary, 12.47 kV, 3ø secondary. Estimated to be manufactured in 1998. 
3. 1, 200 A, 240/120 V, 3ø automatic transfer switch. Manufactured in 2003. 
4. 300 kW, 375 kVA, 208/120 V, 3ø generator. Generator is operated by diesel. Manufactured in 1983. 
5. Day tank controller for generator. Age is unknown. 
6. 500 gallon fuel tank, singled lined, above ground tank. Age is unknown. 
7. 2, 000 gallon fuel storage tank, single lined, above ground tank. Age is unknown. 

ONLINE AUCTION- Ends 4/4/16. To see full details for this item please go to and enter QAL #2628-1399 in the Quick Asset Lookup QAL box located on the home page

add to favorites 07-24-2015 One Stop For Your Used Diesel Generator Requirement ... New $0.00
kmca255Sai Engineering has been successfully providing power to various industries for the past five decades. Not withstanding our high performance level in the market, we are constantly striving to upgrade our services and technology to meet the stringent demands of. We Provaided by all marine generator.The Company was incepted rightly since 45 years back with the the vision of periodical, sphereodical and radical changes and transformation in development of all the sectors from Industrial, Commercial and Social Aspect. We are into Industrial Generators. We are a leading Suppliers of Diesel Generator Set consisting of Generator Service Provider, Industrial & Residential Diesel Generator, Old Generator for Sale, Used Diesel Generator Sale. From Bhavnagar, Gujarat. Email- mo.9879304079


add to favorites 04-22-2015 GE Single Phase Transformers New $149.99

We recenlty purchased of a Lot, and enclosed was 12 GE Transformers Single Phase. We are extremely motivated to sell them! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and hope to hear from you soon, All The Best, Gary 323-891-5723  


Please see attached PDF with product information and specs. Thank you

add to favorites 11-04-2014 CONTACTORS and ELECTRICAL SWITCHGEAR Used $0.00
No Picture

I am establishing a fledgeling charity to provide technical solutions to address the water crisis in third world countries. As this is an engineering based operation I am currently appealing for donations of surplus/salvaged industrial electrical switchgear to complete a number of projects in support of the larger aid objectives. A full listing of these requirements is available by visiting the charity's web-site:    and flick through to the pages listing electrical switchgear required.

    All offers are gratefully received.    


add to favorites 10-28-2014 PAD MOUNTED TRANSFORMER New $2,500.00

PAD Mounted transformer radial or loop feed

15kVA up to 3000kVA three phase

manufactured according to ANSI C57 standard

add to favorites 10-28-2014 Single phase submersible transformer New $1,200.00

submersible transformer radial or loop feed

5kVA up 150kVA single phase submersible transformer

voltages 13,200/7620YT , 22860/13200YT, 34500/22860TY

240/120V 60Hz or 50Hz

add to favorites 10-28-2014 PAD MOUNTED TRANSFORMER New $1,000.00

pad mounted transformer ONAN type

5kVA up to 3000kVA and operating voltages

up to 34.5kV

add to favorites 07-02-2014 solar off grid inverters New


Enertech India one of the leading MPPT solar inverter manufacturers offers solar off grid inverters to provide conditioned AC power to its customers.

Get more information at


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